Strokes Uncovered (Link)
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Strokes Uncovered (Link)

Strokes Uncovered

Getting Our Attention

Perfect for INSIDE and OUTSIDE lectures

Inside your office Strokes Uncovered will benefit you by:

  • Elevates your position with your patients as the authority with knowledge and facts, addressing their fears on strokes
  • Attracts patients to bring friends, regularly to your workshops by providing a relevant topic with research on strokes
  • Prompts your patients to get this message out to their social/work/athletic groups in the community

Outside your office Strokes Uncovered will benefit you by:

  • Increasing the community awareness
  • Establishing you as the authority on a relevant health topic that affects a large part of our community
  • Guarantees that you are not selling chiropractic but positioning yourself as the authority on the true health risks
  • Becoming the resource that the community seeks out for trusted health care

Strokes Uncovered module includes:

  • Completely new, researched, and referenced PowerPoint presentation on strokes
  • Complete with audio tracks on subjects like mechanism, anatomy, literature, and technique as it relates to strokes
  • New stroke inventory sheet to use when doing talks
  • New announcement flyer