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Health and Wellness Score (HAWS)
HAWS is an online database that administers, scores, and analyzes outcome assessment documentation for your patients in your practice. It is currently being used in over 5 countries
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BodyPartChart™ Autonomic Nervous System (Lateral View) Wall Decal
Creating visual impact, this product is a highly accurate, patient appropriate anatomical image of various aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System Lateral.
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Become a Veterans Choice Participating Provider
Veterans Choice Program (VCP) expands veterans' access to health care by allowing eligible veterans to obtain approved services in their community.
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Lumbar Subluxation Degeneration Poster
Lumbar Subluxation Degeneration Poster by Christina Lowenthal
This poster is an updated educational tool for chiropractic offices. This poster provides visual aids as well as detailed information on the degenerative process the spine can endure.
Chiro Appointment

Search bar to fine chiropractic doctors across the country. Find out about chiropractors near you and get discounts on services. is leading website for connecting new patients with chiropractors.

Gives a list of resources and Benefits

How it works:
Step 1: A prospective patient searches for chiropractors. (Browse nearby chiropractors)
Step 2: They find your custom listing. (The prospective client sees your custom listing and directly calls your business)
Step 3: Track your returns. (Get recording of every call you receive through Train your staff and precisely track your ROI)

Clique connect thousands of presenters, exhibitors and community sponsors across the country with companies and organizations every day.

Clique main job is to recruit the most talented presenters and exhibitors in the country. Keep building new and innovative tools and benefits to strengthen our companies and seamlessly stimulate economic growth from new sponsors that share in our vision.

Supporting communities, stimulating local economies, building stronger companies
Tools of Practice

T.O.P. Education, LLC is an organization that offers educational seminars, practice management tools and in-office consultations for timely and needed topics for providers.

The core instructors are Mark A. Davini, DC, DABCN, CPCO and Paul Andrews, LMT, CCCA, CPCO, CPB. Together they offer a unique amalgam of education and experiences that provides thorough and professional services to health care providers and their staff.

Are You the Doctors' Dr.?
Fred Barge

Biology of Belief
Bruce Lipton

Life Without Fear
Fred Barge

On Execution

One Cause One Cure
Fred Barge
Power of Full Engagement


Man in the Mirror
Patrick Morley
Your Best Life Now
Joel Osteen
The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination
J.K. Rowling's Harvard Commencement Speech

Balancing Practice and Home
Seven SImple Daily Prayers
Transforming Our Prayer Requests
Getting Things Done
David Allen

Made to Stick
Chip and Dan Heath

War of Art
Steven Pressfield
More Hours in My Day
Emillie Barnes

Strategic Acceleration


Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
Norman Vincent Peale

Every Second Counts
Lance Armstrong
Passion For Excellence
Tom Peters

The Road Less Traveled
M. Scott Peck
The Shack
William Paul Young

Chiropractic Books

Bennie the Backbone™ (geared toward children)
Dr. Kate Engelhardt, DC

Drs Dean & Jen's Favorite Family Raising Books

The Bible
first and foremost

Knowing God
JI Packer

From This Day Forward
Cokie and Steven V. Roberts

The Hiding Place
Corrie ten Boom

Jesus Calling
Sarah Young

7 Levels of Intimacy
Matthew Kelly

A Fine Young Man (BOYS focused)
Michael Gurian

A Praying Life (Mandatory)

A Praying Wife (Mandatory)

Ability Development from Age Zero
Dr Suzuiki

Become a Better You
Joel Osteen

Becoming a Woman of Purpose
What Children Learn from Their Parents'
Marriage: It May Be Your Marriage, but
it's Your Child's Blueprint for Intimacy

Judith P. Siegel PhD

Stephen Carter

Does Grace Grow Best in Winter
Ligon Duncan

Captivating (GIRLS focused)
John and Staci Eldredge

Chuck Smith

Faith Training
Joe White

God Girl (GIRLS focused)

Hold Me a Little Longer
Karen Kingsbury

Grace Based Parenting (Mandatory)
Tim Kimmel

How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence
Glenn Doman

How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk
Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlsh
The Pursuit of God
A.W. Tozer

When People Are Big and God is Small
Edward T. Welch

Seven Words to Change Your Family
James MacDonald

When Your World Falls Apart
David Jeremiah

Kids Who Start Ahead Stay Ahead
Neil Harvey

One Heart One
Love Mother Teresa

Taking Charge of Anger

The Lost Art of Listening
Michael Nichols

The Pursuit of Holiness

The Wonder of Boys
Michael Gurian

Total Surrender
Mother Teresa

You are Your Child's First Teacher
Rahima Baldwin