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TLC is a genuine coaching company here to provoke you to answer the questions that will increase your prosperity in all areas of your life.
You have everything to gain from opening a conversation with TLC that will change your practice life and your personal life.

In TLC we are all students, striving to learn and improve everyday in practice, whether we are currently in school or if we have been in practice for years. TLC is unique in that it provides accountability on a personal basis.

TLC is a community of doctors to welcome you and challenge you to grow.

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 Live Trainings and Other Benefits:
Live weekly Cornerstone calls (weeks 1-4) covering topics such PR/Marketing, New Patient/New Patient Report (NP/NPR), Team Driven Practice (TDP), and Balance and Prosperity.
Monthly Philosophy and Science call – interview style, posted on our TLC website
Monthly student teleconference call dedicated to teaching you how to Jump Start Your Practice now and after graduation with live Q&A with a TLC coach
A student training manual with monthly lesson plans ($20 one time fee)
Monthly video trainings on the disciplines of opening your practice with a bang
Your entitlement to attend all TLC Seminars at a student rate
Practice tools that will help you enhance your style and put emphasis on growth for your practice at member rates
$28 per month investment and no binding contracts
Student page on website filled with audios and content to grow your clinic practice

Start Up Successes:
"Of course I appreciate you all! I know we aren't doing everything perfect by any stretch, but I am confident we wouldn't have made it this long as a start up without you all."
~ Dr. Mackenzie
"The policies and procedures of TLC helped me to start up my office from scratch and make a great team, but the consistency, love and continued accountability that TLC provides is what continues to drive my practice to greater levels.  TLC's staff also provides so much support and answers questions on all topics very quickly and completely."
~ Dr. S.S.
"TLC helped us build from scratch by giving us the tools and confidence necessary to run an office with systems that help build a wellness practice!"  ~ Dr. C.H.
"The TLC start up program gave a great opportunity to follow my vision of opening my own practice. The TLC program taught me how to go out in the community and promote for my grand opening. Following this program gave me confidence to open on my own. Their procedures make it possible to open your doors and effectively bring in (and keep) patients in the door."  ~ Dr. M.F.
Listen to what our TLC Club Members have been saying:
"The decision to become a part of the TLC student club was an easy decision. Dr Dean is one of the most uplifting, honest, caring people I have ever met. His program is exactly that as well. He truly loves each and every one of his students, doctors, and patients and he wants the very best for them. So following in his guidance was a no-brainer for me. His guidance and advice is warm, yet focused. He knows where you need to be and how to get there. TLC teaches you how to effectively and honestly reach your goals."  ~ Dr. M.F.
"I was a member of the TLC student program at Life University. It is extremely important to learn and understand what it is like outside of school. The student program gives you a great opportunity to get in touch with true leaders in our profession. TLC is not only designed to help you out in practice but it's designed to help you learn while in school so that you can be better prepared for once you are ready to serve the world! I highly recommend you utilize TLC during your success as a student." ~ Dr. J.E.
Other Testimonials:
"I wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for the time to come and speak with us about extremely important issues that will be coming into our lives shortly. I especially liked your lecture on how we are the products of what we put into ourselves and your lecture on opening channels of communication with everyone we meet. I truly never thought about items such as these and the road when I am getting into outpatient clinic. I have always anticipated the process of starting my own practice, but like many, get discouraged at times thinking of how it will all fit together. Today you put a lot of my worries to rest knowing that here are people such as your wife and yourself who care about the current student and teaching them about the process of not only starting a practice, but maintaining and profiting off the successful, patient oriented practices." ~ Brian Murphy
"Thank you for coming to speak with us this weekend. It is always nice to see a glimpse of the real world and be reminded that there are other things to prepare for besides the next big test! " ~ Erin Wyant
Call TLC Headquarters to Become a Student Member Today!