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Practice Tools

We are continually developing the tools you need in practice – so you don't have to.
TLC has a three tiered approach to our training and education products. There is the training and education for the doctors, the team and the patients. Challenging though true is the fact that human nature can result in getting lazy when things are good on one extreme as well as hiding and growing mentally paralyzed when things are bad. This makes it critical that Doctors and teams are fortified with tools that support and produce habits breaking these cycles. For this reason TLC's products are rich in the things Doctors and teams need to listen to on a regular basis to inspire them to rituals, and habits which deliver greatness. The tangible written materials which drive the day to day procedures when simply utilized can never fail!
The patient education tools in video, audio, written and visual formats transform lives, elevate humanity's behaviors and alter the course of how people care for themselves and the world around them. Through this relentless attention to detail, honor and integrity are all consistently retained as pillars of all the practice's processes. These products inspire the CAs in their career in chiropractic and install loyalty to the team.
TLC recognizes that Promotions and Marketing are no longer options and must never be addressed as such. Our marketing and promotional products support the fact that a Doctors deliberateness and consistency of promotion of "truth" in his/her community is as critically part of healthcare as the very act of the adjustment itself! The audios, videos and extensive supply of written materials define what many have told us is the most ethically rich, NP library of tools, in the entire profession. TLC has redefined the professions position in the community!
A continuous and scrupulous stream of current and past research is what TLC delivers in its science and philosophy products division. We do not stop at merely delivering information. We provide drills on the research so Doctors and CAs can deliver this research to their patients. These very same tools are brought up at seminars where we engage exercises in how the delivery of this truth, knowledge and understanding is the most important part of being a health care provider. Audio programs support the Doctors and CAs along with condensed research profiles useable for the Doctors and CAs on how to use and deliver it in practice for the patients benefit.
These are the most current workshop topics complete with powerpoint presentations, whiteboard demonstrations, audios, videos and supporting documents.
The purpose for TLC's engagement in floor plan development is to help TLC members gain the greatest flow and ideal expression of their floor plan possible and spend the least amount of dollars working with their contractors and architects.
You are searching for an associate for your practice or an associateship and TLC has a portal to share that message out in the profession
We are ardently devoted to coming alongside of and swimming towards you in this transformative and stressful process. You are not alone. Your TLC Community is here to help.