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Team Driven Practice

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TLC has a three tiered approach to our training and education products. There is the training and education for the doctors, the team and the patients. Challenging though true is the fact that human nature can result in getting lazy when things are good on one extreme as well as hiding and growing mentally paralyzed when things are bad. This makes it critical that Doctors and teams are fortified with tools that support and produce habits breaking these cycles. For this reason TLC's products are rich in the things Doctors and teams need to listen to on a regular basis to inspire them to rituals, and habits which deliver greatness. The tangible written materials which drive the day to day procedures when simply utilized can never fail!
Why we love TLC Scriptbooks - Dr. Reyna LeVan
Associate Driven Practice Preview/Testimonials
Dr.Tara Scharich Dr. Derrick Wilcox
New Patient Experience (Team Training)
Our New Patient Experience Team Training videos comprise:
  • 6 Practices
  • 3 States
  • 33 Actors
  • 13 DCs
  • 20 CAs
  • 17 Chapters
AND every minute of content has been meticulously curated for your optimal conversion of prospective patients into loyal, lifetime-care patients!
$245 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Associate Driven Practice
Everyone wants to increase their practice's growth without adding more time working in the office. ADP is the SOLUTION. Gradually add this program and you will continue to reap the rewards. ADP is the Complete Package.
  • Step by step procedures to graduate your associate from hiring to becoming a fully trained associate capable of all duties in the office.
  • Clear, detailed financial outlines with bonuses built into the levels that work for both the associate and the primary doctor.
  • Common pitfalls and landmines outlined so that you can learn from the common mistakes BEFORE you begin and your success will be ensured.
$495 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Chiropractic Office Operational Handguide
Policies and procedures done the easy way. Office policies; where do you start? Have no fear, use this guideline as a sample for each part needed for your complete policy and procedures manual.
$65 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)