Speak Out 2020
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Speak Out 2020

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These are the most current workshop topics complete with powerpoint presentations and supporting documents.
You are holding in your hand everything you need to prepare and deliver content that fuels your community with the knowledge they need so they can make the most informed wellness decisions, namely, committing to regular, lifetime Chiropractic care for themselves and their families.
Speak Out 2020 - Arthritis: At What Expense?
You know it and now you have the tool so that your audience can learn it too. A topic that everyone has a need for. Who does not feel joint pains?
You can offer hope. This talk is a presentation full of content, and will attract patients to your office who are ready to change their lives.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Fight Back
Painful wrists can be a result of carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injuries to the wrists. These problems account for over 50% of all work related injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) does not primarily affect typists. Learn the facts of who is at risk and how we can prevent this and evaluate the options to best reduce your symptoms. This Speak OUT 2020 topic is relevant to workers inside and outside the home. Everyone uses their wrists – learn to optimize your function and increase your health.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Fibromyalgia: Stop the Downward Spiral
Learn why you ache all over. Help your audience learn how it is detected and what can be done to limit the effects of this condition.
A popular talk with audiences everywhere and a talk which will establish you as the authority. Return talks and new patients will be assured.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Fountain of Youth: The Choice is Ours
Aging is inevitable, but loss of vitality and health are not. Major declines in performance time do not occur until age 75, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine. The fastest growing demographic for health club memberships is the 55 and older population. People are engaging in more physical activities as they age. This Speak OUT topic is guaranteed to be sought after as everyone wants to optimize their health and improve their quality of life.

Present these facts on the Fountain of Youth and you will be the expert on longevity and your practice will be known for taking actions to optimize health and youth.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Headaches: Bearing the Burden
Headaches: the number one cause of missed work and loss of productivity. Improve the quality of your life by reducing headaches and their burden to individuals and all our society.
This topic will target companies at the heart of their needs: keeping their employees healthy.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Living with a Healthy Back
Truly an epidemic: low back pain. Over 80% of you will experience low back pain. Employers want to know how to comply with OSHA requirements and train people to lift properly.
Teach how to lift properly and to care for your spine before symptoms show up. Build in a healthy back. Don't be a statistic, be a proactive participant in your health.

Living with a Healthy Back is second only to Stress: Adapt or Perish.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Stress: Adapt or Perish
Our cornerstone talk. The most sought after topic ever – stress. Companies seek help with addressing the problem of how stress affects their employees.

Stress: Adapt or Perish tells the truth that it is our choice to respond and not react to stress. Stress is not bad – it's our reaction to it that is lacking.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Speak Out 2020 - Wellness: It's a Matter of Less of This and More of That
Everyone wants wellness but everyone is not educated as to how to achieve wellness. It is a simple recipe of less of this and more of that. This talk will stimulate and provoke your audience to take action and to choose wellness. You will be positioned as the doctor sought after to deliver this relevant message over and over.

Wellness needs to be your cornerstone of talks and your community and your patients need to hear this material.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Packed House/Rock the House
Spinal Workshops are ESSENTIAL parts of raising up educated communities that choose lifetime chiropractic care for all of their families. Show up with Dr. Dean and our Practice Team as we train continually on how to deliver workshop content in the most engaging, content rich and relevant manner. This is what TLC does with our Packed the House and Rock the House practice tool for you.
$45 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
Health Reform/Self Reform
Get the facts out to your patients and community that health reform can not come from government, but from self reform! Use this simple complete tool with slides and doctor's notes. It is totally ready for you. This is a workshop guaranteed to appeal to your audience, filled with relevant content. In fact, it's so content rich you will have to cut down the number of slides as we have given you more than you can use in just one talk. This is a guaranteed win!
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
The Time is NOW
Everyone wants to live longer and healthier but how to do this is unclear. Get the facts of the real causes of death and that ignorance is not an excuse to live a healthy life.

The Time is Now is a power point presentation ready to be used NOW. Patients and your community want to hear the truth!
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)
The War Within
The inside-out debate presented in a format for Patients to see that germs and disease are not the battle to fight.
$55 (plus 6% PA Sales Tax)