Dr. Cathy Gurman
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Dr. Cathy Gurman

Dr. Cathy Gurman

TLC Certified - Trainer

After graduating with a degree in Biology from Bucknell University, Dr. Cathy's life was turned around when she was led to a career in chiropractic by a close family friend. She attended Life Chiropractic College where she met her future husband and partner in chiropractic, Dr. Jett Gurman. They opened their own family practice immediately after graduating. Totally immersed and in love with chiropractic principles and philosophy, they have been practicing together for the past 31 years. Together they have raised three children – Skylar, Geena, and Max in the chiropractic lifestyle.
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Dr. Cathy was one of the founding board members of the Council of New Jersey Chiropractors. She is an avid lecturer in the community about health care. She is committed to telling her patients the truth about healing coming from within, while loving them totally. Dr. Cathy is passionate about caring for her family, her patients, and her chiropractic community. She is also an avid yoga practitioner and has been teaching yoga since 2000.
2020 Acheivement Award

For consistently cultivating holistic abundance in your own practice, while simultaneously being bastions of insight and inspiration for your members and our entire family of choice, we, the TLC Community, recognize you. We love you, Dr. Cathy Gurman.
2018 Coach of the Year Award
2018 Better Together Award
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