Teach to Testify & Million Dollar Minutes
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Teach to Testify & Million Dollar Minutes


Build the referral practice. What better way to grow your practice then to teach your patients to refer to you. Discover the proven, successful steps to a rich consistent referral source – your patients.
Teach to Testify Highlights
Sampling of this Product

Why do some doctors do everything just right and don't still have lots of new patients? While others don't seem organized and still have lots of new patients?

Mindedness and intensity of the doctor and the team

NP mindedness: referral rich practice is your mission and your calling. The greater good for everyone

  1. give yourself away in every moment
  2. every moment with a patient is sacred
  3. anchor yourself in the truth
  4. our calling is for the sake of others

Asking for referrals

  1. referral packet
  2. everyone gets checked referral packet, and referral CD

Action steps of Close of Spinal Workshop

Education is NOT OPTIONAL. It’s not an invitation, it is a requirement.

RE-EXAMS as Referrals vehicles

NP phone call
NP application
Read the New Patient brochure